Victoria Romany

Senior Teacher

Victoria is a dedicated, caring, and enthusiastic professional who demonstrates thorough curriculum knowledge. She can teach and assess effectively and takes responsibility for her professional development. Victoria has a proven track record of implementing lessons with activities that facilitate classroom participation and encourage habits to make students independent and help them achieve their learning goals. She develops plans to identify clear targets and success criteria, monitors student achievement, and encourages parent involvement. Victoria is highly organised and self-motivated, with strong interpersonal skills to foster meaningful relationships with students, parents and staff.

Kirsty Murray

Reception Teacher

Kirsty is a passionate Early Years Educator who strives to create an authentic learning environment, whereby students have the confidence to apply their learned skills and knowledge to solve real-world challenges. She continually fosters a sense of community in her classroom where students celebrate each other’s successes and hold high expectations for themselves. Kirsty enjoys making her lessons enjoyable and engaging as she believes that students cultivate a love for learning through the memorable experiences they encounter.

Fatima AlMahfoodh

Arabic Teacher

Fatima is an enthusiastic and devoted Arabic teacher with strong interpersonal communication skills and a deep commitment to understanding students’ unique challenges with language learning. She enjoys providing students with real-life learning opportunities that encourage critical thinking. Fatima ensures that her lessons are engaging and maximise the learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings. She is a highly sociable teacher who provides feedback for learning to other teachers and parents for the improvement of the Arabic teaching program.

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