About MBA Fakhro

MBA Fakhro is the exclusive franchisee of EtonHouse in the GCC region. We are a Bahrain headquartered group that partnered with EtonHouse to bring their teaching philosophy to the Gulf because we believe that education forms the bedrock of our global society. We are a diversified, innovation focused group, that values intellect, creativity, fairness, and integrity in everything that we do.

EtonHouse in the Gulf forms a part of our education business, but we also do a lot more in other fields. We are a group that founds and grows wholly owned businesses across the globe.

We put people before profits, we aim to achieve these profits primarily in ways that contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world. We do not engage in activities that we view as being unethical, immoral, illegal, or harmful to our fellow human beings.

MBA Fakhro is owned by Mohammed Adel Fakhro.  His family has been active in the academic scene in Bahrain for many generations.  His great grandfather was one of the founders of the first school in Bahrain, and his grandfather was one of that school’s first graduates. His father was instrumental in founding and leading one of the top private schools in Bahrain.  One of his uncles was also the Minister of Education in Bahrain for many years.  Mohammed himself is a firm believer in the importance education, and was the first Bahraini ever to attain an undergraduate degree from Stanford when he graduated in 2000.  To learn more about MBA Fakhro, please visit www.mbafakhro.com or link to us through our below QR code:

Carol Pedersen


Carol Pedersen originates from the UK and has been actively involved in various educational management positions in international schools around the world. Her career has involved creating and developing new International Schools over the past twenty years around the globe. She has been involved in developing new schools, IB candidate schools, British Curriculum schools, in Europe and the Middle East, China and now here in Bahrain.
Carol believes that today’s world of ultimate competition poses the greatest challenges for finding and securing a prosperous future. A child is our biggest investment and a sound and excellent education starting at the earliest stage is the key to a child’s progress, development and success. Striking the balance between the importance of play and holistic and grounded education in core and specialist subjects is imperative for our youngest students attending EtonHouse Bahrain.


Carol believes in promoting international awareness in children, with emphasis on skills, knowledge and attitudes that are required to participate in an increasingly global society. She believes EtonHouse has a strong sense of community in the values we celebrate, in our commitment in realizing the potential of our children, and in providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, physical, aspects of our children’s lives. Our children come from many cultural backgrounds, forming a happy, inclusive international school community.

Nikki Lloyd

Executive Principal

It is with enthusiasm that I introduce myself as a newly appointed Executive Principal of EtonHouse. Before becoming a principal, I worked for several years in international schools as an Early Years Teacher and in several managerial roles in the Middle East. My responsibilities as a principal at EtonHouse include encouraging parent involvement, hiring and evaluating staff and overseeing the Preschool campus.

I view education as a life-long process, and I believe that every child is unique and has their own learning style. The children take an active role in learning by engaging in their academic journey. Play improves the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. Through play, the students learn about the world and themselves. Most importantly, I believe that the students are at the centre of all school-related decisions. I am eager to use my experience, openness to learning, and my child-centred approach, to support our students and our community.