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EtonHouse Community Fund (ECF) was founded with the vision to make good quality education accessible to every child in Singapore. Since its launch on our 20th anniversary in 2015, we have worked tirelessly with our community partners to support underprivileged children through meaningful projects. No child should be left behind. Through sustained initiatives and strategic partners, the ECF has reached out to the most vulnerable in society and will continue to do so to make a difference to the lives of children and families in disadvantaged circumstances.  

The ECF is a registered non-profit organisation approved by the commissioner of charities in Singapore. It is also an Institution of Public Character (IPC). 


Crystal and Kevin Coll, Parents of Edith Coll 
EtonHouse International Pre-School Claymore

Looking back, one of the biggest decisions we made as a family was choosing Edith’s first school in 2018. Little did we realise how important and consequential it would be for Edith, our only child, who has blossomed with the warm, energetic, and loving care of all the staff at EtonHouse.

It’s hard to capture the small school essence of EtonHouse other than to describe our wonderful experience over the past 2 years. It is about the people. From the moment Edith and her classmates are welcomed every morning at the school gates by everyone — security, teachers and staff — to picking her up from the classroom, we know and trust she is in your good hands. Even in times of adversity, such as now, we feel that the staff at EtonHouse have tried their best to give their students an opportunity to learn and connect with their classmates in new ways. 

Edith tells us she feels loved by everyone at EtonHouse and we know she feels the same about school. To start her young life with a love for people and learning is a gift that will bless her throughout life. Her maturity, character, curiosity, and ability to communicate in English and Mandarin Chinese is something we give her teachers, classmates and staff tremendous credit for. Day in and day out, these formative experiences at school compound into a unique, complex individual whom we trust will continue to be a giving, caring and thoughtful member of a larger community of people.

Finally, as parents, we feel that EtonHouse has helped us become better and more mindful in this grand life experiment called ‘parenting’. We are still learning the ropes and appreciate how the school’s structure, strong culture, and active support has helped us immensely on this rewarding journey.

What We Do

Social and emotional
We help children develop positive and constructive relationships with themselves and the people around them by equipping them with skills such as self-regulation and stress management.

Literacy skills
We help children discover the joy of learning and build literacy through interactive and engaging exercises.

Financial aid
We offer financial support to children for their health and education through Bursaries and Baby Bonuses.

The Work We’ve Done With Our Community Partners

KKH Health Fund (KKHHF)
We have sponsored $200,000 to improve the care of 60 underprivileged children with diabetes through the use of technology such as a Glucose Monitoring System and educational initiatives.

We Love Learning (WeLL) Centre
We have worked with WeLL Centre since 2016 to facilitate various enrichment programmes for lower-income children residing at Henderson. Key projects include:

  • The Literacy Project — EtonHouse teachers volunteer their Saturday mornings to help children improve their English through fun-filled lessons
  • The Play Library — a well-resourced toy library to encourage Parent-Child bonding activities

Tasek Jurong Limited

Tasek Jurong Limited is a non-profit organisation that supports underprivileged children living in the Tamang Jurong area. ECF’s Child Development Account (CDA) Top-Up Scheme allowed 89 of their pre-schoolers to receive a $500 top-up that can be used for their school fees and enrichment classes.

KidSTART helps children from low-income families get a good start in life by providing holistic support. ECF has pledged over $270,000 since 2016 — the money has helped equip 8 KidSTART Groups with materials and toys.

Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
We launched the Mindfulness Movement programme to help at-risk youth learn to manage their emotions. We piloted the programme in the Singapore Girls Home to huge success with 80% of participants saying they felt better about themselves after the programme. Today, we reach out to 9 residential homes. In November 2019, ECF received the Community Cares Award at the Volunteer & Partner Awards held by MSF.

How You Can Help

ECF relies on donations to continue its good work. If you’d like to help change the lives of children, do consider making a donation. As an IPC, donors are able to claim tax relief based on the amount donated. 

Find out more about ECF and how you can help here.

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