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Batool’s and Yunus’s Mom

This is a gratitude letter for the most productive, creative, joyful and happy time in our toddlers’ life Batool and Yunus. As for me Batool’s mom a working mother, I had to take my daughter to a nursery since she was so little. For the first time, 1 felt that I was taking her to a place where she was really loved and cared for, for the real meaning of caring. You were not only taking care of her, but actually raising her. She was excited when I was taking her to Eton House, and was happy and joyful when I went to take her home. This really meant the world to me. Seeing my daughter so happy in the place that she spent most of her day in. She has changed a lot. She was shy and didn’t know how to socialize with others. Now she is more confident, open to others and more encouraged to interact with people. It is true that we cannot afford another two years in Eton House; however, I‘m glad that she spent these two terms there. It was a really remarkable, amazing and unforgivable chapter of my daughter’s life and my life as well.

As for Yunus the other preschools couldn’t accommodate his medical needs, but Eton House did and it was a safe environment for him. Yunus is a social person and he loves other kids. He was feeling really lonely at home. At Eton House he felt belonged and happy with an environment that supported strong friendship. The Eton House community felt like a second home very welcoming and full of warmth. Treating children with respect regardless of culture and background. Eton House removed his loneliness and filled his heart with joy and wonder.

They still asks to this day about Eton House. Why don’t we go to Eton House anymore? When are we going to go to Eton House again?

This means that they really felt loved, belonged and welcomed in Eton House. This is only a proof of what a great job everyone at Eton House is doing.

Thank you everyone for making this chapter of our life possible. Thank you for having them had those feelings. A special thanks to Ms. Kay and Ms. Gloria for giving part of their lives to our babies. Another big thanks to coach Amar as well for a rime full of joy and fun.

Thank you Mr. Fakhro and everyone at Eton House for making all of this possible.

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