Bahrain This Month examines the best education in Bahrain and EtonHouse is top of their list.


We examine some of the best educational organisations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The most powerful tool an individual can have to take on the world is a sound education. … Continued

EtonHouse International

We examine some of the best educational organisations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The most powerful tool an individual can have to take on the world is a sound education. Knowledge is power – there’s no doubt about that. However, with a wide range of schools, universities and educational facilities in the Kingdom, and a number of curriculums and degree programmes to choose from, picking the right one can be quite the task.

We examined some of the best education providers in the Kingdom including preschools, schools, universities and even a vocational training establishment to help your decision-making process easier.

EtonHouse International School 
An established education provider, with 125 schools worldwide, EtonHouse International School opened its doors as a preschool and established itself in Bahrain in 2017. It currently has two sites – the Kindergarten and Preschool based in Hamala and a new purpose-built site set to open its doors in 2022 to middle and high school age students.

The EtonHouse group of schools is based around a unique philosophy called: Inquire. Think. Learn. This concept provides students with opportunities to discover through problem-based learning, collaboration and team work, and securing mastery through the curriculum which uses the British framework providing students with the knowledge and skills that are age related. Their curriculum is provided by Oxford International and sets a precedent for ensuring well-being is at its core.

Class sizes are small with 16 to 18 students led by a teacher and teaching assistant in every class. The children benefit from longer playtimes where they can be socially active in a playground designed to ignite imaginations – from the mud kitchen to the swings to the arts and crafts and herb garden. EtonHouse is ideal for families who prefer a boutique learning style and want their children to be global and digital citizens.

For more information, call 17 310-777 or visit www.

Canadian School Bahrain 
Located in Diyar al Muharraq, the Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) is a private school offering a 21st-century curriculum with high academic standards. The school offers a unique education programme from Nursery to Grade 7 teaching the British Columbia, Canada curriculum integrated with Bahraini Social Studies, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language. Having opened its doors in 2019, CSB is certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and is the first certified BC offshore school in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

With the integrated curriculum, combining the best from both countries, CSB will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary by British Columbia certified teachers to teach the BC curriculum and Bahraini certified teachers for the Arabic curriculum that is designed for students to become well-educated citizens while celebrating their uniqueness with a personalised approach.

The BC Curriculum offers a balanced, concept, and inquiry-based approach that is student-centered and focuses on the whole child. Along with literacy and numeracy foundations, the curriculum emphasises on building a set of core competences i.e. sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to engage in deep, lifelong learning.

For more information, call 13 691-111 or 66 721-702, email or visit

Nadeen School
Founded in 1977, Nadeen School is well-known for its holistic approach to education and for celebrating the unique, individual talents of children with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Currently located in Um Al Hassam, the school has 400 children from over 50 countries and 80 staff. The family-style school is further enhanced through green spaces, a school farm, cosy campus, and Open-Door Policy.

The school is one of the founding members of the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) and an accredited member of the group. Nadeen School is also one of only three British Schools Overseas (BSO) schools in Bahrain, registered and recognised by the British Government and Department for Education.
Combining the best of many different education systems, with high-tech education at one end of the spectrum and forest schools at the other, is the key to their success. Nadeen School’s creative, individualised approach to the curriculum and each of its students ensures their success, both: personally, and academically.
During the wake of the pandemic, the school has ensured continued learning and strengthening of its community bond. Their teaching and support teams have gone above and beyond to ensure that the children have continued to progress in all aspects of their learning and development. Nadeen School is truly child-centered, inclusive and diverse.

For more information, call 17 728-886 or visit

The British School of Bahrain
For over 25 years The British School of Bahrain has delivered an outstanding holistic education to bright students living in Bahrain.  The school follows the National Curriculum of the United Kingdom with adaptations to reflect Bahrain’s local, historical and physical features.

The British School of Bahrain is an all-through school for students aged three to 18, from early years (Nursery) through to GCSE and A-Level. With over 80 nationalities on the student roll, the school offers a vibrant and diverse international culture of endeavour that empowers every child.

With three rigorous inspections undertaken in the 2020/2021 academic year by industry professionals, the school was once again re-affirmed as one of the foremost “Outstanding Schools” by the Bahrain Quality Assurance inspectorate. At the same time, the British Schools Overseas inspectors concluded that the school “provides an excellent quality of education for its students” – the highest of accolades from this prestigious inspection regime.

At the British School of Bahrain, students develop their academic knowledge while enhancing their 21st Century Skills and understanding, to become confident, successful and independent members of a global society achieving top international examination results and accessing the best universities in the world.
The wellbeing of the students, parents, and staff always remains the first priority at the British School of Bahrain. The school is renowned for its welcoming and inclusive culture. During the current climate every precaution continues to be taken to ensure the health and safety of all.  This is modern schooling at its best.
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The University College of Bahrain (UCB) 
Founded in 2002 by Shaikh Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed AlKhalifa, the University College of Bahrain (UCB) is a non-profit private institution of higher education, licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Degree Programmes were originally designed and developed around a USA and Canadian higher education model of curriculum content, assessment and delivery pattern, through a formal relationship with McMaster University in Canada. Hence, the University provides a rigorous and internationally informed curriculum based on a semester credit hour system in the USA/Canadian liberal arts tradition.

UCB specialises in the subject areas of Business Administration, Information technology and Communications and Multimedia. It educates students and generates new knowledge by uniting the rigor, relevance, creativity and intellectual dynamics of business and the liberal arts, dedicated to quality education benchmarked against international standards and attuned to the needs of the region it serves. The University continuously upgrades its curriculum to include the most recent practices, ensuring that graduates will obtain professional knowledge and the needed skills to be the leaders in their profession.

Available programmes include the Bachelors of Art in Communication and Multimedia, Science in Business Administration, and Science in Information Technology. UCB also has MBA programmes in Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Banking and Finance, and Marketing and International Business Management. Programmes are available in Arabic and English.

For more information, call 17 790-828 or visit

The Applied Science University (ASU) 
Established in 2004, The Applied Science University is one of the first private universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since its establishment, the University has worked relentlessly to become a leading accredited higher education institution, promoting excellence in applied learning and research in the Kingdom and the region.

ASU offers a wide range of local and hosted academic programmes through its Colleges of Administrative Sciences, Law, Engineering, and Arts & Science, and it heavily invests in providing programmes with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The university offers some programmes in Arabic while hosted programmes offered in partnership with London South Bank University (LSBU) are taught in English. ASU has achieved both the Institutional Accreditation of Bahrain’s Higher Education Council (HEC) and the Institutional Review by Bahrain’s Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) which accorded ‘Full Confidence’ to all the academic programmes offered by the University.

ASU has also obtained Academic Recognition by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan, with several other countries in the process as well. ASU ranked first in all private universities locally, 37th in the Arab region, and 484th globally in the 2020 rankings.

It is the only university in Bahrain to achieve four stars in the QS Star Rating in 2019, in recognition of its excellence in teaching, research and community engagement. The University is also ranked 101-150 in the QS International Ranking for universities under 50 years, making it one of the top young universities in the world.

In addition, ASU is the first private University in the Kingdom of Bahrain to be accredited by the British Higher Education Academy (Advance HE) as a training centre to train faculty members and qualify them for Fellowships from Advance HE.

For more information, call 17 728-777 or visit

City & Guilds 
A renowned educational organisation based in the United Kingdom, City & Guilds has been helping people, organisations and economies to grow since 1878. The awarding body and vocational training organisation is committed to providing people who are disadvantaged with practical skills necessary for them to thrive with self-confidence in, what is now, a very competitive job market. People need skills today that the Victorian era couldn’t even dream of, and that’s why City & Guilds keeps changing and adapting, preparing people for the future of work so they may be leaders in their chosen career path.

City & Guilds has established Employability Skills (5546) to prepare students for their transitional pathway whether that is to continue with further education, employment, training or living independently. “It more important today to ensure that schools understand the skills of the future which are needed. Employers are looking for young people who have the relevant professional soft skills such as working with others, cognitive flexibility and digital literacy,” says City & Guilds MENA Area Manager, Dr. Tony Degazon.

Preparing for the world of work, careers education, information, advice and guidance is an important part of any school curriculum. To realise a young person’s potential, it is important to decide how their skills and experiences fit with opportunities in the job market. Good vocational skill development at a school is a deliberate strategy that is actively planned and supported with a strong career guidance component.

It is important to ensure that pupils are inspired and motivated for the world of work, ensuring high achievable aspirations are considered for a range of careers available; City & Guilds is an ideal starting point.

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