36 Things to do Before You Are 6


36 Things to do Before You Are 6 - Etonhouse International preschool bahrain blog


As the cool and calm months are upon us, we welcome adventure into the outdoors. At EtonHouse we celebrate childhood every

single day. We encourage our families to join in our celebration of childhood by thinking about the challenges on this list and

creating opportunities for their children to complete them.

Have fun and remember … not child’s best day ever was watching TV or sitting in front of a device. Let’s enjoy the great weather

and nurturing outdoors!

1. Climb a tree

2. Sleep under the stars (even if it is at school or at your home)

3. Fall off a bike

4. Learn to swim

5. Build a cubby or tree house

6. Go to a beach after a rain and see what you can find

7. Cook on a campfire

8. Go on a school camp

9. Play chasy in the rain- let’s hope it rains soon!

10. Catch a fish in the ocean (or have fun trying)

11. Find a bug or search for grasshoppers

12. Make something with things that you find

13. Play with homemade slime

14. Do something you’re scared of

15. Watch animals in the wild (I suggest visiting Hawar Island)

16. Build a sandcastle city

17. Skim a stone

18. Plant something and watch it grow

19. Play spotlight

20. Ride a bike in the sand

21. Visit another island

22. Go on a two-day hike

23. Snorkel at a beach or reef

24. Ride a flying fox

25. Play under a sprinkler

26. Climb a big rock

27. Play in the bush all day

28. Meet kids in a park and invent a new game

29. Paddle a kayak

30. Go digging for worms

31. Visit a national park

32. Play on a rope swing

33. Make a kite and fly it

34. Jump off a jetty

35. Catch a tadpole

36. Make a mudpie

We welcome all families to share photos or stories about their great outdoor adventures whether in Bahrain or on a holiday. In

addition, should you wish to share your great outdoor photos to the EtonHouse community and social media sites, kindly email

them to drayzelle@etonhouse.me or send via WhatsApp at +973 3727 7373.

This page was last edited on November 25, 2019