Parents With Separation Anxiety

Leaving your child in the hands of teachers at school can be a difficult thing to do. I have put together a few things to consider that can help you get on with your day and celebrate your child’s journey into school. 1. Remind yourself that separation is a part of life. It is...[Read more ]

Teaching Arabic as a Second Language

With globalisation and increasing interaction between people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, how do we foster intercultural understanding and respect in our children? The current w...[Read more ]

The Importance of Praising Children


With having the pleasure of working with the ‘Reggio approach’ at EtonHouse Bahrain. I feel very encouraged and motivated for my students to explore and enjoy their learning experiences. I believe that children need to be nurtured and those positive simple words enhances a child’s confidence and ...[Read more ]

Why is play important?


All children learn through meaningful relationships, interactions and experiences. Creating meaningful play experiences for our children is one of the ways we can help them to foster a natural curiosity and interest in the world around them. Children need plenty of time and space in order to crea...[Read more ]

The Importance of Helping Hands in the Classroom

helping_hand At Eton House all our children are special and we as educators are always thriving to promote their identity. The children at Eton House are happy and flo...[Read more ]

Starting School in A New Country

Our schools have wonderfully diverse groups of families with expatriate children making up at least sixty percent of our school communities - sharing learning journeys with them is our work and our passion. Our community of parents, children, teachers and administrators are from all over the w...[Read more ]

We Love Loose Parts


At Eton House we are Reggio Emilio inspired. We see the environment we provide for our children, as central to their learning. We refer to it as the third teacher, parents being the first teacher, teachers’ the second and the environment we provide as the third. The way a learning space is des...[Read more ]

The Importance of Sensory Play in under 2 year olds.

Our children learn through their play every hour of every day in unique and amazing ways. Children learn through...[Read more ]

Eton House Bahrain Curriculum

Our goal at Eton House is to provide a thoughtfully considered and aesthetically beautiful learning...[Read more ]

Following a Child’s Inquiry

Students are the heart of the curriculum at Eton House, Bahrain and we encourage and support secure and trust...[Read more ]

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